Why Sell Projectquoting?

There are many benefits to selling Projectquoting. Here are a few:

  • Work on your own schedule.
  • Receive 100% of the first month's signup as commission.
  • Get a recurring 33% of monthly sales for each customer you signup for the lifetime of the customer (up to 18 months max).
  • Full dashboard lets you track your signups from trial to conversion.
  • Get a custom @projectquoting.com email address to use for selling.
  • View where you stand with your commissions.
  • Get paid at the 1st of every month.
  • Sell the service how you see fit and what you feel is most effective.
  • We provide you tips & tricks to help sell it and provide product info and overview.

How much can I make?

For example. If you signup 10 providers a month for 39.99 a month you will receive:
$399.99 in upfront commission
$132.00 in recurring monthly commission (33% of the total monthly recurring for each customer)

Why Our Platform Rules!

  • We are the lowest price in the industry.
  • Our software does more and is better than our competitors.
  • We offer features and tools others don't.

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